Creating solutions

There is an incredible, untapped potential of 1.8 billion global citizens who largely hold the same ideas about how to transform our societies for the better through innovative forms of problem-solving. Join us in working to leverage the youth for solutions to local and global issues. Together, we can connect, be better informed and inspired..  


Inspiring Others

The Youth Engagement Society (YES) was the result of addressing the need, in our society, to empower our generation and their aspirations. YES thus strives “to engage, inspire and empower our youth to live a life of fulfilled aspirations”. We are all in need role models and mentors; and recognize that our accomplishments are the result of standing on the shoulders of giants. More importantly, we recognize that our youth, and ultimately society at large, is in dire need of individuals that recognize the best thing each of us can do for themselves and for society is to pour out into others.  We hope that by connecting with you and other professionals, we will all be better informed and inspired to pursue our dreams and a life of fulfilled aspirations.  

Our mission is "To empower our youth through connections with successful role models by providing resources and opportunities to network with leaders and young professionals from various settings and careers."